We Welcome Pets!

Our Pet Friendly Cottage


Please let me know in your booking request if you plan on bringing a dog with you, or any other animal. In the booking request please let me know the breed  of your dog and whether it has shedding or non shedding hair. 

We will only allow this if your dog is garden trained, and by this I mean no barking, no digging, no jumping fences, no crying at night. We will need to discuss this before your booking is confirmed. 

Your dog will need to be content with living and sleeping outside. NO DOGS ARE PERMITTED INSIDE the home at any time as dogs can catch fleas very easily and be left inside, and traces of dogs on furniture can leave future guests with allergies. No UNVACCINATED dogs are allowed on the property, as they can leave traces of disease in their urine and faeces, and unfortunately will pass this on to other dogs. Dogs must be on flea prevention and if not, I lease get a cap star tablet from your local vet, to be taken one day prior to stay. 

All dog faeces and wee must be cleaned up and disposed of in the public bins before leaving the property or be put into your own doggy bag and deposited into the Otto bin.

If the garden has been dug up or dog hair is found on the couches and in the rooms, then funds out of the damages bond will used to replace linen and get couches professionally cleaned.

In the very hot summer months approximately January and February, Mudgee reaches levels of 35-45 degrees, so as a dog owner I can not have dogs safely sitting outside in this heat, so I will not allow it, sorry. They can stay in the laundry where it is cool.

We understand that you would love your dog to be cosy in your bed with you, however we just can not let this happen for the comfort of future guests.